15+ Lifetime deals on SEO tools that you might have missed!

15+ Lifetime deals on SEO tools that you might have missed!

Did you there were over 15+ lifetime deals on SEO Tools? Check all the SEO software that ever offered a lifetime deal!

LinkCheetach Lifetime deal: Backlink monitoring and SEO

Lifetime deals on Software, SAAS and apps for small business and Entreprenuers. Updated daily with the latest deals from all over the internet.

RankWatch Lifetime deal: All in one SEO platform | DealMango

Dont be fooled by the name! Rank watch is not just a rank tracker, its an all in one SEO platform.

Morning Score lifetime deal: All in one SEO tool | DealMango

Morning score gives a clear picture of the SEO performance of the website. It helps to monitor and get the competitor analysis. It gives you a complete overview of SEO of your website and your competitors.

Zag AI lifetime deal: Find hidden SEO and traffic opportunities | DealMango

Zag.ai is the best content startergy platfrom Its a growth tool which helps to get content ideas , grow traffic , find keywords etc. It captures search traffic instantly. Always helps you to know which content is having the best impact on market See exactly what keywords drive traffic for the competetiors.

Alli AI Lifetime Deal: Artificial Intelligence for SEO | DealMango

Alli AI is the first Artificial Intelligence tool for SEO. Its a growth tool which helps to get content ideas, grow traffic, find keywords, etc. It captures search traffic instantly.

ClickMinded Lifetime Deal: SEO online course | DealMango

ClickMinded is an online course to learn SEO fast without any content sacrificing. It helps to learn content and SEO strategies to perform. Learn how to generate organic traffic with ClickMinded.

Keyword Revealer Lifetime Deal: SEO Keyword research tool | DealMango

Keyword revealer is an SEO tool to discover and evaluate the keywords of competitors.  Its a keyword research tool where you will find many appropriate keywords. It comes up with an automatic rank tracker where it tracks the position of a keyword automatically.

SimilarContent Lifetime Deal: Increase your content score | DealMango

SimilarContent is an SEO content optimization tool that helps you analyze the content score of top results, find high potential keywords, and write content that ranks in google.